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  • Job Finding Assistance (3)

    Job Finding Assistance


    Programs that help people identify and secure paid employment opportunities that match their aptitude, qualifications, experience and interests.
  • Job Search/Placement (1)

    Job Search/Placement


    Programs that maintain listings of available employment opportunities and assign a staff member to help people who are searching for a position to choose and obtain the most suitable option.
  • Senior Community Service Employment Programs (1)

    Senior Community Service Employment Programs


    Programs funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act (OAA) and administered by the U.S. Department of Labor whose purpose is to develop workforce skills in unemployed, low-income older adults age 55 and older with poor employment prospects. Program participants are assigned to paid community service placements with a non-profit organization or governmental entity for purposes of training and acquisition or improvement of skills that may lead to unsubsidized employment or a job that is not subsidized by the program. In collaboration with the participant, the program must develop an Individual Employment Plan, which outlines steps for achieving goals as determined through personal interviews and assessment instruments. Participants may be offered supportive services such as transportation, counseling, work equipment and other items to assist them in participating in the SCSEP and preparing them for a permanent job.

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