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ATB initiates fundraising for mental health support

Red Deer Advocate - 2/23/2021

The mental health of many Canadians has deteriorated during the pandemic and the ATB wants to raise $50,000 for mental health support in Alberta through its new Greater Good strategy.

Starting March 1, ATB Up, the first Greater Good initiative, will encourage Albertans to participate in 10 days of challenges they can do from home to raise money for mental health support. For information visit

The ATB said a Statistics Canada survey found that 43 per cent of participants who reported significant impacts on their ability to meet financial obligations reported symptoms that were consistent with moderate or severe anxiety compared to 18 per cent among those experiencing little to no financial impact.

According to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, in any given week, at least 500,000 employed Canadians are unable to work due to mental health problems, and the economic burden of mental illness is estimated at $51 billion per year, which includes health care costs, lost productivity, and reductions in health-related quality of life.

The ATB said these statistics highlight the economic and social costs of mental illness, but also point to the many challenges faced by the individuals and families experiencing it. For these reasons, the more that can be done to improve people's mental health, the better off everyone will be.